Vliha Bay (Vlycha Beach)
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Nestled a few kilometers from the quaint village and resort of Lindos, on the eastern side of Rhodes, lies the expansive shoreline of Vlicha Bay, stretching nearly one kilometer. The vast bay offers a serene getaway suitable for both adults and children seeking tranquility. This beach has consistently earned the «Blue Flag» award from the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) for its high safety and convenience standards.

Beach Charm

The rugged landscape of Vlicha Beach is a canvas of rocky hills dotted with trees, coupled with a warm pebble shore that meets the serene, azure sea. This picturesque setting is a magnet for both tourists and locals. Although there isn’t a designated play area, children delight in crafting pebble towers and frolicking in the shallow waters. Parents should keep a watchful eye as the sea deepens gradually, and the slippery rocks on both ends of the beach can be treacherous. It’s unsafe for unsupervised children to wander near the cliffs or for anyone to leap from the rocks due to the shallow depth.

Vliha Beach on the island of Rhodes offers visitors a variety of lounging choices along its coastline. You’re free to decide where to settle down, whether it’s near the active central area or on the sunbeds flanking the bay close to the tree line. If renting a sun lounger for a starting price of €4 doesn’t appeal to you, feel free to bring your own or simply lay down a towel on the pebbly surface. You’ll also find patches of fine golden sand scattered about.

Looking for a spot to lay out a picnic or pitch a tent? This beach has ample room. Enjoy the cool shade for a midday break, diving into a good book, or simply savor the sounds of the Mediterranean. Insider tip: lounge chairs and umbrellas are free before 10 am and after 4 pm. Consider an afternoon visit. As the evening approaches and the sun dips into the sea, the setting turns magical, making it perfect for dates or leisurely strolls. For a treat, climb the nearby rocks to witness the stunning scenery from above.

Beachside Relaxation Options

Vliha offers a variety of thrilling aquatic activities. Enthusiasts can enjoy everything from windsurfing, parasailing, and kiteboarding to paddle boats, sea kayaking, scuba diving, jet skiing, and even the option to rent yachts or sailboats. To save on snorkeling gear rental, bring your own mask and fins.

Visitors preferring to stay onshore can enjoy a variety of quaint tavernas dotting the area. These establishments offer a range of seafood dishes, appetizers, and side dishes. Beverages range from simple water to a selection of cocktails tailored to individual tastes. Beach bars are also available at various locations along the shore for those looking to grab a drink.

For convenience, Vliha beach provides shower stalls, changing rooms, restrooms, and waste bins. If you’re looking to put together a quick lunch or need to purchase water, a small shop on the premises has you covered.

Vliha Beach Access

Nestled near luxurious hotels and quaint guesthouses, Vliha Beach in Vliha Bay is a popular destination for their guests, mere hundreds of meters away. For quick access from Lindos, taxis are the go-to, but a bike or scooter ride is a fine choice for the mostly smooth and level roads—though it’s advised to travel early morning or evening to avoid the heat. If driving, parking is available by the beach.

Individuals traveling from Rhodes and other towns in the north should take the central highway. Look out for a left turn towards Lindos and continue for a couple of kilometers. Keep an eye out for road signs.


  • For unique snapshots, head to the southern end of the beach where the rocks provide a stunning backdrop.
  • While some sunbed-lined beaches offer pathways, they’re not universal. To comfortably traverse pebbly shores, wear suitable beach footwear.
  • A selection of pleasure boats from various island cities dock briefly at Vlyha, staying for about 30 minutes before continuing to other renowned Rhodes beaches. This bay is also accessible as part of a cruise that often commences in Lindos.
  • Ensure the little ones have plenty of entertainment on the sandy shores by packing a variety of toys. Additionally, prioritizing their skin protection is crucial, so remember to bring adequate sunblock.