Traounou Beach (Afandou Beach)
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Situated between Faliraki and Afandou, the expansive Traounou Beach lies adjacent to a renowned cave in Rhodes, earning environmental accolades like the Blue Flag for its pristine conditions. It’s an ideal spot for families, thanks to its well-maintained surroundings. Travelers from around the globe, particularly those staying in Faliraki, Koskinou, and Kallithea, flock to this serene seaside escape in Rhodes during the summer months. The beach’s tranquil waters and excellent facilities are a major draw for international visitors.

Traounou Beach Features

Traounou’s shores are a pebble paradise, gently caressed by the sea’s warmth. It’s a haven for kids who delight in crafting stone towers and mazes—a surefire amusement. The beach entry is notably even, favoring all ages for a dip. However, getting there requires navigating a winding path—caution advised. For those seeking comfort, sun loungers with umbrellas are mere steps from the water, available for rent starting at five euros. Alternatively, if you prefer a cost-free experience, head to the beach’s southern end. Here, you can lay out your towel, pitch a tent, and revel in the natural charm without any expense.

Sun loungers and parasols are conveniently interspersed with pathways for easy strolling along the beachfront, dividing it into vibrant zones. The sea is impressively clear—traveler tales suggest you can spot pebbles on the seabed even 50 meters offshore, whether you’re on a boat or a float. The water’s hue is mesmerizing; under the sun, it shimmers with emerald and turquoise, turning a regal azure and silver near the rocks.

Just a few steps into the water, the sea drops off steeply. Keep a close watch on children swimming as there are no lifeguards on duty. While Traounou might not be as crowded as Rhodes' Afandou Beach, it’s known for its lively evening social scene. During the day, you’ll find travelers scattered along the secluded stretches of shore and near the cliffs, enjoying sunbathing and picnics in the serene environment. There’s plenty of space for everyone to relax.

Infrastructure at Traounou Beach

Traounou may resemble a wild beach, yet it’s equipped for a relaxing visit, whether alone or with family. Facilities include restrooms, showers, and changing areas. Trash bins are also available. For a bite, the beachside eateries, though limited in their culinary variety due to the beach’s remoteness from major roads and cities, offer a selection. These dining spots have maintained their simple charm over the years, providing decent seafood meals for both adults and children.

Seeking a spot to escape the midday heat? Traounou Beach is known for its breezy and cooler ambiance compared to other beaches on the island. Shade seekers can find solace under umbrellas, but for an even cooler experience, set up near the northern cliffs. Need to stay connected? Local eateries offer Wi-Fi, perfect for sharing your beach snaps or catching up with friends. For water enthusiasts, Traounou’s clear waters are ideal for snorkeling adventures.

Location Details

Traounou Beach is a short drive from Faliraki, about 4 km away, and under 20 km south of Rhodes city. A quick 15-minute ride from Leonardo Kolymbia Resort by car or scooter will get you there. From Rhodes, it’s a half-hour trip by car. Follow the island’s main road towards Afandou, and with clear signs along the way, there’s no chance of getting lost. When you spot the sign for Villa Kastalys to the right, just turn left and keep going straight towards the sea.

Residents mention that buses occasionally pass by the beach route but don’t always stop. Additionally, reaching Traounou requires a trek over sand and stones which can be quite lengthy. From Rhodes and other major cities, there are sea cruises that skirt along the Traounou coastline. However, these excursions won’t offer the chance to swim or to bask in the sunset on the beach against the backdrop of breathtaking cliffs.


  • Bring your own snacks if you prefer to avoid dining at local eateries. Carrying a water bottle is essential for staying hydrated. Sunscreen is also a must-have.
  • The pebbly beach requires proper footwear. Consider shoes that are comfortable for walking and suitable for water to protect your feet. Kids should wear aqua shoes to prevent any injuries from the stones.
  • The shoreline is perfect for gatherings and overnight stays in nature.
  • Avoid leaping from the cliffs as they can be quite slippery and the sea’s depth varies, posing a potential risk.