Stegna Beach
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Tucked away in the mountains, Stegna Beach remains a hidden gem on the coast of Rhodes. Its tranquil environment and crystal-clear waters make it stand out from the bustling resort beaches. Here, one can fully embrace the serene Greek provincial life.

Stegna Beach Overview

Initially, Stegna Beach was a local secret, with tourism emerging in the mid-80s. Hippies, climbers, and solitude-seekers were the first outsiders to cherish this spot. Although times have changed, Stegna Beach still offers a slow-paced getaway, making it a top choice for relaxation in Rhodes' southeast.

Stegna Beach features a unique blend of sandy shores sprinkled with small pebbles, stretching across a 1.5 km expanse. This scenic locale is neatly partitioned into two distinct areas and maintains a relaxed atmosphere, even at the height of tourist season. Encircled by protective mountains that shield visitors from the brisk winds and waves, it’s a haven for families. The gentle, shallow waters at the water’s edge deepen gradually, making it safe for children’s play.

Leisure Activities

The engaging environment of Stegna Beach is perfect for a variety of leisure pursuits.

Despite Stegna being a haven for tranquil relaxation, the beach is well-equipped to cater to visitors' needs. Rentable amenities include sunbeds and umbrellas (costing between €5-€10), along with essential services such as showers and restrooms. For those seeking adventure, there’s the option to hire various watercrafts like boats, kayaks, jetskis, and catamarans, as well as the chance to enjoy waterskiing. However, those interested in windsurfing or kitesurfing may have to look elsewhere, as the beach’s calm waters rarely experience strong waves.

Discover the pristine waters of Stegna, where visibility extends for meters, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling enthusiasts. Amidst the central beach area, divers can explore rock formations teeming with marine life. Local tours offer affordable fishing excursions (costing around 8–10 euros), providing a fun and educational activity for both adults and children alike.

Adjacent to the beach, visitors can find convenient parking options, a prominent hotel, and cozy rental apartments. For shopping needs, there are supermarkets available. The area is renowned for its taverns, which serve fresh seafood dishes—a true local highlight. These seafood delights are brought in fresh, often within minutes. Evenings are livened up with live music performances at these eateries. For those seeking a beachside atmosphere, Stegna offers beach bars where one can enjoy chilled cocktails, coffee, or light bites.

Stegna Beach Location

Stegna Beach is nestled on the east coast of Rhodes Island, 32 km south of Rhodes City and just 2 km from Archangelos. This quaint seaside area offers a quiet retreat from bustling resorts. Visitors can take a short trip to Archangelos to explore its medieval fort and purchase local handicrafts. Adjacent to Stegna is Tsambika Beach, renowned for its array of water sports. The beach is named after a nearby monastery that houses the revered icon of the Virgin of Tsambika. A mere 25-minute drive away lies the historic town of Lindos, famous for its sandy cove and the Acropolis with its ancient architectural wonders.

To visit Stegna Beach, you have a few transport options. Buses from Rhodes City’s main station are available but infrequent, with departures only once or twice in the early morning. A better alternative is to take the hourly bus towards Archangelos. From there, a short 5-minute taxi ride will get you to the beach quickly. Alternatively, renting a car and driving along Route 95 is a convenient option. Parking facilities are conveniently located near the beach.


  • A scenic switchback road descends sharply from the main road to Stegna Beach. For those driving, roadside parking is available for capturing breathtaking panoramic photos.
  • While the shoreline is shallow, the water depth can quickly increase to 1.5–2 meters just 5 meters from shore, an important consideration when visiting with young children.
  • Beware of the seabed’s large rocks; it’s wise to invest in swim shoes for protection.
  • The beach offers ample space for visitors to set up their towels, not limited to sandy areas but also on the rocky sections.