Prasonisi Beach
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Greece’s shores rival its ancient ruins in allure, with Prasonisi Beach being a prime example. Situated at the cape with the same name, it’s affectionately termed the «meeting point of seas». Here, the Mediterranean and Aegean seas merge, creating a spectacle that draws countless visitors to Rhodes each year. In addition to witnessing this natural wonder, tourists flock here for the excellent windsurfing conditions and to enjoy a refreshing swim.

Prasonisi Beach Characteristics

Prasonisi Beach stretches with a sandy strip nearly 800 meters in length and about 100–150 meters wide. The seabed gently slopes, gradually deepening after 30 meters offshore. Despite the absence of a Blue Flag certification and occasional plastic debris along its shore, these do not significantly detract from the overall beach experience. However, the waves and the beach’s remote location may not make it the best choice for families with young children.

Water Sports Haven

Prasonisi is renowned for its year-round breezy conditions, ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. This spot is a magnet for water sports aficionados. Multiple reputable windsurfing schools operate here, staffed by seasoned trainers and offering a comprehensive rental service for all the necessary gear.

Prasonisi offers two distinct surfing areas. The eastern side features consistent winds with modest waves, ideal for beginners. More advanced surfers can head to the western side, where the waves are significantly larger. Facilities at Prasonisi have been upgraded over the years. You can rent a limited number of sun loungers, and there are restrooms and shower stalls for convenience. The surrounding area now boasts taverns, convenience stores, small hotels, and a car rental service, making extended stays more comfortable. The nearby village of Katavia also provides additional lodging and dining options.

What’s nearby

Adjacent to Prasonisi Island, which connects via a sandy spit, stands a significant historical landmark—a 19th-century lighthouse towering at 14 meters. Access is limited to those with off-road vehicles or appropriate hiking footwear. The effort to reach this spot is rewarded by breathtaking panoramic views from the hilltop, including vistas of Rhodes, the isthmus, and the confluence of seas.

Despite its name implying lush vegetation, Prasonisi is primarily a rocky islet with sparse greenery, primarily macquis shrubs. It’s famed for the «kiss of the seas», a unique natural event where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet. This junction is visible due to their distinct temperatures, densities, and salinity levels, which also result in a noticeable color contrast.

Prasonisi lies at the southern tip of Rhodes, 92 km from Rhodes City and 40 km from Lindos. A sandy stretch connects the island of Prasonisi to Rhodes, turning it into an islet when waters rise in fall and winter. Visitors driving to the beach should avoid the sandbar; cars easily get stuck. Parking before the sand is advisable. To reach the lighthouse, consider renting an SUV for better navigation.

Travelers can reach Prasonisi from Rhodes City by boarding a bus that departs twice daily from the station at Rimini Square. A ticket costs just over 10 euros, with the journey to the beach taking approximately three hours. The bus can also be caught from Lindos and Faliraki, which are closer to the beach, hence the fare is less expensive. For those preferring an alternative to public transport or driving, organized excursions to Prasonisi are available. These tours are popular on the island and can be arranged from almost any resort town.


  • Invest in good aquatic footwear due to the occasional litter found on this popular beach.
  • For a peaceful swim, aim for May, June, or September. Windsurfing enthusiasts should head there in July or August.
  • Expect to pay about €10 for a set of two sunbeds and an umbrella, with individual sunbeds available at €6.
  • To avoid rental fees, consider bringing a foldable umbrella for shade. Don’t forget sunscreen as there are no natural shelters like trees at Prasonisi, and the sun can be quite intense.
  • Just 2 km away from Prasonisi is the archaeological site of the ancient city of Vroulia, worth exploring for history enthusiasts.