Oasis Beach
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Oasis Beach, situated on the east side of Rhodes Island, is a spacious coastal spot near the Kallithea Springs, nestled between caves. It offers a tranquil environment with full amenities for adults seeking leisure. However, it’s not recommended for families with young children. During the summer, the beach becomes a lively venue with DJs and live music performing several times a week.

Oasis Beach Features

The Greek talent for transforming unexpected locales into charming beaches is astounding. Imagine finding a bustling seaside getaway perched on rocky terrain without an obvious path to the water. The rocky Oasis beach in Rhodes is a testament to this ingenuity. The local adaptation of the cliffs and caves by the sea is even more striking. Now, amidst the stones, there’s a tavern, a lounge area, and even a stage for performances. Let’s delve into the details.

Nestled far from the bustling highway, this tranquil beach is shielded by rocks, rendering it a peaceful retreat. On windless days, the silence is profound, undisturbed by the whistle of breezes through stone. Bathed in sunlight, the cove becomes a cozy haven of warmth. The sea’s rocky seabed creates a mosaic of hues, like countless watercolors spread across a canvas. Near the shore, the waters take on emerald and azure tones with a golden shimmer above the rocks. Venture ten meters out, and the waves deepen to regal cobalt and sapphire. Yet, amidst this depth, jagged underwater boulders glint, interrupting the water’s expanse with their rugged edges.

To reach the sea from the shore, there’s only a dock and a small set of stairs available. Diving off the cliffs into the water is strictly forbidden. Likewise, children should never be left to swim unsupervised. It’s advisable not to bring children under the age of seven to Oasis. The area lacks designated play spaces or sandy zones suitable for children’s play. Furthermore, the terrain is treacherous with slippery and jagged rocks, making it risky to walk without shoes that have non-slip soles.

The rugged coastline offers private nooks for beachgoers seeking solitude away from lively groups and music. Tucked between the rocks, sun loungers provide a peaceful retreat. Expect to pay about €10 for two chairs and an umbrella. Some travelers note that tavern waitstaff may ask for money upon entering the beach. To avoid fees, head directly towards the rocky areas, away from the main beach zone.

Beach Facilities

Sunbeds with umbrellas are conveniently placed in a few small sections along the shore, with some closer to the water and others set back. Trash bins are widely available across the beach. Additionally, visitors can find an outdoor shower, changing rooms, and restrooms. For refreshments, head to the beach bar. The selection of drinks might be limited, but it’s sufficient to quench your thirst.

The area is designed with narrow paths interspersed among the loungers, enabling easy movement. On sunny days, these paths can become quite hot, making it uncomfortable to walk barefoot. Select loungers and over-water bungalows offer a unique beach experience. The bungalows are ideal for couples seeking privacy and uninterrupted sea time. Inquire separately for bungalow rental rates.

Within the Oasis complex, a quaint tavern offers a cool reprieve for lunch-goers. As the weekend approaches, evenings come alive with either live bands or a DJ, setting the scene for potential beachfront festivities. Snorkeling stands out as the sole aquatic activity, with the most engaging underwater exploration found away from the shore, nearer to the rocky areas. Visitors also creatively engage in water-based games like badminton and tennis. The shallow waters of the small lagoons are particularly noted for their shallowness.

Location Details

Tucked away between the Kokkina, Thassos, and Nicolas beaches lies the hidden gem of Oasis. From Rhodes, head south on the main road until you spot a left turn marked by a sign. Though a private car makes the journey easier, public transport is readily available; buses from Rhodes city center, starting near the Archaeological Museum, will get you there in about 30 minutes heading east. If you opt to drive, take advantage of the free parking near Oasis.


  • To avoid rental fees for beach chairs and umbrellas, bring your own and set up away from the crowded central area, perhaps on the rocky parts. The expansive nature of the beach means there’s also space for those wishing to have a picnic or pitch a tent. Just make sure to stay on top of the cliffs, rather than going down into the cove.
  • Ensure you bring your beverages to avoid purchases. Remember sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable, non-slip shoes suitable for swimming
  • Pack your snorkel mask and fins.
  • Staying near caves offers quick access to shade. For extended sun exposure, settle in more secluded spots.