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Mandraki Port, Rhodes' northernmost harbor, is believed to be the historical location of the Colossus of Rhodes. Today, it serves as a quaint dock for yachts, small boats, and private vessels.

Port Highlights

This picturesque spot is perfect for a serene experience by the Aegean Sea. Sitting on the rocks, one can listen to the seagulls at dusk, occasionally interrupted by the distant horns and bells of passing ships or the rumble of boat engines. Ideal for couples seeking a romantic walk, individuals enjoying a sunset stroll with a drink, or photographers capturing stunning images.

Mandraki Harbor, adjacent to Rhodes' Old Town, is nestled between the Windmills and St. Nicholas Fortress. This dock has ancient roots, with records of seafaring vessels dating back to 408 BC. Historically, it was often referred to as the «minor» or «military» port, highlighting its strategic naval significance during wartime periods.

Flanking the harbor entrance, atop are two statues, a stag and a doe, representing the contemporary emblems of Rhodes. Myth tells us these are erected precisely where the colossal statue of the Sun God once stood. Erected by islanders in 305 BCE to commemorate a military victory, it soared to about 36 meters. However, the Colossus had a brief existence; an earthquake toppled it after just half a century.

Legends abound regarding the deer statues in the city. One tale suggests these creatures drove out a plague of serpents. Some believe the deer merely scared the snakes away, while others claim the deer trampled them.

Regarding the Colossus of Rhodes, it’s thought that it stood with each foot where the deer statues now reside. The entrance to Rhodes' Mandraki Harbor was once heavily secured with a massive chain, possibly giving rise to its name, which translates to «enclosed area». Saint Nicholas Fortress, by the sea walls, was built where a church of the same name once stood, which is reflected in the fortress’s name. The fortress now serves as a lighthouse.

Mandraki: A Bustling Traveler’s Haven

Today’s Mandraki transcends history, emerging as a vibrant hub beloved by explorers. Lining its promenade, a tapestry of quaint eateries, vibrant cafes, and souvenir shops unfolds, complemented by offices. However, the port remains the focal point. Stretching approximately a kilometer, every step along the waterfront introduces a variety of vessels connecting cities and nations.

While the harbor mainly accommodates leisure yachts and boats, it’s a gateway to the Turkish resort of Marmaris, just 16 km from Rhodes and a traveler’s delight. On clear days, Marmaris’s shores are visible from the promenade. However, most visitors come to venture into the open sea for a few hours, dock at tiny islands, or even enjoy fishing. Along the promenade, numerous Rhodes companies are eager to set up an unforgettable marine adventure.

Fascinating Historical Sights of the Harbor

The harbor is also renowned for its historical landmarks. Visitors will find three ancient windmills standing majestically on the jetty, visible as you approach the formidable St. Nicholas Fortress. Once part of a larger group of 13, these mills date back to the 14th century and were originally used to grind grain right within the port precincts.

The Annunciation Cathedral of the Holy Virgin, a 20th-century Italian-inspired edifice, mirrors the medieval St. John’s Church. It stands out in the Old Town and along the promenade, much like the Fountain Grande, another last-century creation, modeled after an Italian counterpart in Viterbo.

For those staying in Rhodes, a stroll to the port is easily done on foot. Follow the pier with its boats and yachts, pass by the scenic stone fortifications, and you’ll find the sea exit on the opposite side. If you find yourself lost, remember the port lies just north of the Old Town’s walls, making it the key landmark for your walk.

Travel Tips: Reaching the Port

To get to the port from the capital or any other city, hop on a bus headed for Rhodes. The ticket will cost you less than €10. Alternatively, you can opt for a taxi or drive yourself.


  • Consider the port as an ideal spot for a casual outdoor meal. Skip the eateries and pack your own refreshments and snacks. Find a cozy place on the pier to enjoy the seaside ambiance.
  • Don’t let the scorching sun catch you off guard. Arm yourself with a hat and sunglasses. A layer of SPF lotion is a must to ward off burns.
  • Pack your swimsuit! The coastal strip offers a chance to dive into the crystal-clear sea waters.
  • Head to the promenade for stunning evening vistas. The best time to visit the harbor is post-lunch.
  • For a sea excursion, bypass the city tour agents. Check the port for more budget-friendly sailing rates.