Lindos Beach
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Nestled at the base of the open-air Lindos Acropolis museum, Lindos Beach is renowned as one of Rhodes Island’s most picturesque spots. Not only does its natural beauty captivate visitors, but its unique setting allows for an easy blend of leisure and learning.

Beach Highlights

The coast of Lindos features a bay shielded on both sides, ensuring calm waters that are rare to see waves. The tranquil, crystal-clear sea is perfect for families. Spanning roughly 700 meters, the beach boasts a wide expanse of golden sand.

The beach at Lindos is split into two distinct areas. To the right lies Pallas Beach, sharing its name with a nearby tavern, while the central beach is known as Megali Paralia. Both shores feature shallow waters with gentle entries, perfect for bathing.

Recognized for its cleanliness with the Blue Flag award, Lindos beach provides ample facilities. Visitors can enjoy beach bars for refreshing drinks, loungers, sun umbrellas, restrooms, and showers. A snack kiosk is also available, and lifeguards are on duty for safety.

Water Activities

For those seeking aquatic adventures, neighboring Lardos offers a better array. In Lindos, one’s options are somewhat limited; however, it’s possible to enjoy the serene bay by renting catamarans or canoes. Lindos harbor is home to tour boats ready to whisk visitors along the scenic coast of Rhodes. Additionally, the nearby St. Paul’s Bay is easily accessible by sea for a quick getaway.

Experiencing the sunset at Lindos Beach is a must. As twilight descends, the city lights up, offering a stunning panorama of Lindos and its Acropolis from the coast.

The Charm of Lindos

Lindos exudes a quaint charm with its white-painted houses and winding streets, reminiscent of the Cycladic islands. Its rich historical tapestry adds to the allure, making it feel like a step back in time.

Lindos boasts a variety of accommodations, from cozy apartments to luxurious hotels, alongside top-tier eateries and shops. A must-see is the Virgin Mary Church, renowned for its frescoes and venerated icons, featuring a museum inside. Please note that there’s an entry fee, a strict dress code is enforced, and photography is prohibited. Perched above the town, the Lindos Acropolis stands as a testament to Greece’s rich history, with layers of antiquity stacked upon each other. This open-air historical gallery showcases ruins from Roman and Greek temples, including the majestic Temple of Athena, and early Byzantine churches. From atop the Acropolis, visitors are treated to panoramic views of Lindos and the heart-shaped St. Paul’s Bay, a stunning natural wonder.

Lindos offers an ideal getaway featuring a stunning sandy beach alongside a rich historical backdrop. However, during peak summer months, it can get crowded with day-trippers. Located 55 km from Rhodes city, Lindos Beach lies within the town sharing its name. Public buses operate from Rhodes bus station to Lindos 1–2 times hourly, with fares around €5. Upon reaching Lindos' outskirts, visitors embark on a short walk to reach both the town and beach.

If you’re driving to Lindos, you’ll find several complimentary parking spots close to the beach area.


  • Lindos Beach gets quite crowded during peak season, with sunbeds occupying most of the shoreline. If you prefer to lay out your towel, there’s a sandy strip available behind the sunbed area. Due to its high demand, securing a sunbed early in the morning is advisable to avoid disappointment.
  • Lindos offers a unique terrain that challenges travelers with its ascents and descents between the town and the seashore. However, these paths offer a rewarding experience as one can pause to revel in the scenic vistas of the bay.