Kallithea Springs
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Near the town of Rhodes, travelers from around the globe visit the renowned Calypha Springs, nestled in the resort village of Kallithea. These mineral springs, known for their restorative properties, offer a retreat to nature and health improvement.

Origin Story

The thermal waters of Kallithea, with a history dating back to the 7th century B. C., were utilized for their medicinal properties by Italians in the early 20th century. Initially, only the healing waters were present, attracting both Greeks and foreigners.

In the early 20th century, Italians took initiative to beautify a particular area by constructing the first buildings around late 1928. These were officially inaugurated on July 1, 1929. Prior to this, in 1927, Italian Governor Mario Lago and Doctor Enea Brunetti agreed to explore and study the region’s springs. Their aim was to conduct a scientific analysis of the mineral water’s therapeutic qualities and its effects on human health. Specialized equipment was installed to efficiently extract the water, ensuring more precise research outcomes.

Italian architect Pietro Lombardi ingeniously designed a complex that seamlessly blends with the hilly landscape, fulfilling both governmental desires and geographical demands.

Tragically, the Kallithea thermal springs in Rhodes were turned into a concentration camp by German forces during World War II, surrounded by mines and barbed wire, which imprisoned their erstwhile allies.

In 1948, funds were allocated to rehabilitate the baths and rejuvenate the medicinal springs, despite the war’s devastating impact. By the early 2000s, the municipality of Kallithea spearheaded the restoration, culminating in the reopening of the Kallithea Springs on July 1, 2007, a full 78 years post their initial establishment.

The historic baths have been magnificently restored to their former glory and now welcome hundreds of visitors daily, making them a top attraction on Rhodes Island.

Therapeutic Benefits

The waters are believed to offer relief from diseases like malaria, asthma, diabetes, and arthritis by easing symptoms. The springs boast a human-friendly temperature of 19°C. Facilities such as restrooms, changing cabins, and showers are available for guests' comfort.

A Unique Experience

This bathing spot offers more than serene swims in pristinely clear waters. It’s a diver’s haven too. A seaside cafe provides a perfect backdrop for unwinding and enjoying the stunning sunsets with a touch of lounge music. Open from early morning until late, it caters to all day loungers. Nearby, a beach bar offers sunbeds, but you can skip the rental fee by bringing a towel. Be aware, finding a spot can be tough, especially on Sundays when locals flock to the sand. Additionally, the venue is a hotspot for various exhibitions, company events, and weddings.

Kallithea Springs, nestled in a bay with the same name, is a mere 9 km from the city of Rhodes. Visitors have affordable options to reach this destination, including a few euros for a bus ride or driving their own vehicle, with convenient parking available nearby. For those staying in adjacent hotels, a short walk will bring you to the therapeutic waters.