Haraki Beach
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Nestled on the Rhodes coastline, Haraki Beach is a picturesque and well-facilitated cove. It seamlessly blends natural beauty with modern amenities, offering a peaceful retreat without sacrificing comfort.

Haraki Beach Highlights

Spanning 700 meters and embraced by hills shaping a crescent, Haraki provides shelter from wind and waves. Its gentle shore entry leads to a sandy seabed free from sea urchins. While the water deepens fairly quickly, it remains a safe spot for families, though keeping an eye on children is advisable.

Haraki Beach Leisure. Haraki coastline is a blend of sandy and pebbly stretches, with distinct areas of each. The beach offers ample space, ensuring visitors can find a spot even during peak season, which typically starts after noon.

The beach’s amenities cater to a carefree experience, featuring:

  • Rentable sunbeds and umbrellas (ample space is also available for those preferring to use their own towels).
  • Showers
  • Cafes
  • Relaxing beach bars for a chill drink
  • Restrooms
  • Parking area
  • Wooden walkways for easy beach access.

Water Activities: Limited water sports options at Haraki Beach. However, you can rent a catamaran or go snorkeling to see the vibrant fish and occasional turtles in the shallow waters. Boat rental services are available, along with guided sea tours to explore other beaches around Rhodes, including the scenic coves of Lindos.

Haraki Resort

Experience the thrill of angling in the Mediterranean Sea at Haraki beach. They offer fishing gear for an authentic catch-and-cook experience. Grill your catch at a beach stopover.

Nestled in a quaint resort town, this beach is embraced by the historic Feraklos Fortress ruins. It boasts a serene half-moon bay without the presence of large hotels. Instead, visitors can rent cozy seaside apartments. Haraki is perfect for families, couples seeking romance, or those wanting to escape the hustle. It’s mainly frequented by locals or visitors staying in the area, remaining uncrowded compared to more popular destinations.

Stroll along the seaside promenade where quaint mini-markets, traditional taverns, cozy cafes, and stalls brimming with beach essentials invite visitors. Souvenir shops offer keepsakes to treasure your memories. Atop Haraki’s crowning jewel, the fortress ruins, breathtaking coastal panoramas await. The steep path to this ancient site is a challenge; assess your fitness before embarking. Feraklos remains unrestored, ensuring a peaceful visit without the crowds or admission fees. At the mountain’s base lies a cave network, explorable with the aid of a flashlight.

Haraki Beach nestles on the northeast coast of Rhodes Island, about 36 kilometers from Rhodes City. Frequent buses run from the city’s main bus station to Haraki, offering a convenient public transport option. Alternatively, visitors can catch a Lindos-Haraki route bus, simply requesting a stop at Haraki from the driver; these buses operate a few times daily. For those preferring the flexibility of their own schedule, renting a car is advisable. This option also provides the benefit of easy parking availability near the beach.


  • On the Haraki promenade, you’ll find taverns serving up the day’s catch. It’s a must-try experience for seafood enthusiasts.
  • Combine your stay in Haraki with trips to nearby beaches. Just 1.5 km away is the serene Agathi Beach, while the pristine Stegna Beach, awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness, is a mere 12 km distance.