Faliraki Beach
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Once a quaint fishing village, Faliraki has transformed into a bustling seaside resort in Rhodes, attracting legions of beachgoers.

Faliraki Beach Features

Its shores, among the finest on the island, boast the prestigious Blue Flag award, signifying pristine environmental quality. While lifeguards ensure safety, their presence isn’t ubiquitous.

Faliraki Beach offers an extensive stretch of soft sand, spanning over 4 kilometers with a breadth reaching up to 40 meters. Its coast is bathed by the crystal-clear, tranquil sea. Rocky coves can be found at its fringes, with areas where fine pebbles mix with the sand. The sea depth increases gradually, making it an ideal spot for families with children.

Leisure Facilities

The beach boasts excellent amenities, including showers, restrooms, and wooden walkways for easy mobility. Renting sunbeds and umbrellas typically costs around 7 to 8 euros. For convenience, hotel complexes are situated directly on Faliraki Beach, perfect for those wishing to stay close to the pristine sandy shoreline.

Faliraki Beach on Rhodes Island is a paradise for those seeking adventure and fun in the sun. It’s a hub of excitement with an array of leisure activities. Thrill-seekers can zip across the waves on jet skis, master the art of windsurfing with expert guidance, soar with parasailing, or laugh on a bouncy banana boat ride. For a more self-guided experience, rent a speedboat or sail a catamaran and explore at your own pace. There’s no shortage of beach bars here either. Enjoy the convenience of sipping on a cool drink or savoring a snack with the bonus of a free sun lounger for the day. Faliraki’s beachside spots boast a wide selection of refreshing cocktails, local fast food, and delicious appetizers.

Seeking serenity? Don’t discount Faliraki just yet. Its expansive beach offers quiet corners for solitude seekers. Venture away from the bustling center to discover secluded coves like:

Traganou Beach. Unique for its pebbly shores amidst Faliraki’s sandy stretches, Traganou boasts striking cliffs and a sea enriched with salt due to the nearby salt pans.

Mandomata Beachis a picturesque sandy beach favored by nudists for its beauty.

In contrast, Kafara is a sheltered cove with calm waters, making it ideal for family outings. The bay’s cleanliness is ensured by constant marine currents. Aside from water fun, Faliraki boasts family-friendly attractions like a funfair and the Aqua World aquarium.

About Faliraki.

Faliraki is a vibrant resort destination offering a variety of activities for all ages. Its popularity is partly due to its stunning aqua park, considered one of the best in Europe. The park features a range of attractions, including high-speed slides for thrill-seekers and gentler options for children.

If you’re heading to Rhodes in search of vibrant nightlife, make sure to check out Club Street and Bar Street—their names clearly hint at the lively scene you’ll find there.

Food enthusiasts won’t be disappointed in Faliraki. The area boasts an array of taverns and eateries serving up authentic Greek cuisine. Select spots offer the added bonus of stunning seaside views. Faliraki is home to approximately 70 establishments where you can savor local and international dishes.

To reach Faliraki Beach, located on Rhodes Island’s east coast, consider these travel options:

Catch a local bus from Rhodes City, which takes around 30 minutes with stops. Check the latest schedule and fare at the bus station.

Driving to Faliraki Beach from Rhodes City typically takes about 20 minutes. There’s a parking lot near the beach for convenience. Both methods offer a quick way to enjoy the seaside resort town’s attractions, just 15 km away from the island’s capital.


The optimal period for a beach vacation in Faliraki is from late May to June and during the off-peak season. While the tourist season extends from May to October, July and August often bring excessive heat and crowds.