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Nestled in Faliraki, a quaint village on Rhodes' eastern shores, you’ll find a unique complex called Astronomy Cafe. This includes a delightful garden cafe, an observatory, and cozy apartments.

Astronomy Cafe

Despite its low profile, untouched by mass tourism, we suggest making a stop here. On your journey to this hidden gem, revel in the authentic Greek landscape, with its rugged hills cloaked in greenery, forests, and dramatic cliffs that plunge into the sea. Plus, enjoy the peaceful ambiance away from bustling roads and tourist hotspots. Isn’t a serene retreat from city life what every traveler yearns for?

Discover a unique café on Rhodes Island where the stars align. Here, astronomy enthusiasts can explore a variety of exhibits that ignite curiosity. Admire a sundial, marvel at a statue of Atlas holding the heavens, learn from stone inscriptions detailing celestial bodies and historical narratives, and encounter more cosmic treasures. This space-themed haven is particularly captivating for children with a passion for the universe and a thirst for knowledge. Entry is exclusive to those aged seven and above.

Hipparchus Observatory located within a larger facility, the Hipparchus Observatory is well-equipped for space observation. Its standout instrument is the Schmidt-Cassegrain 11-inch telescope, mounted on an EQ6, which ensures vivid views of celestial bodies such as the Moon, planets, nebulae, and galaxies. Visitors will also experience the art of uranography and see how sundials operate in real-time. Additionally, insights into the compass’s static geographic orientation are offered.

Stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts will find the astronomical cafe in Rhodes a haven for celestial admiration and learning. This unique spot appeals to anyone seeking an educational yet relaxing outdoor retreat. The quaint eatery on-site offers a variety of beverages and light bites. It’s a destination in itself that many travelers suggest warrants a visit to Faliraki. Imagine sipping Greek espresso accompanied by local sweets amidst the serene sounds of the sea crashing against the cliffs—a truly sublime experience.

Enjoy stargazing? Rent telescopes or other gear from us. Want to stay overnight? Our complex offers six rooms, including doubles and studios.


Heading from Rhodes to Lindos on the highway, keep an eye out for traffic lights. After passing one near Faliraki’s center, take a left and continue inland. Turn right after 350 meters towards Hotel Liberia. At about 650 meters, you’ll come across an intersection with the Profitis Amos church. Then, after 250 meters, two yellow buildings will be in sight. Follow the road uphill and make a left turn. Welcome to your destination!

To reach Faliraki from Rhodes, consider taking a bus and then enjoy a scenic 2 km walk. Use a map to stay on track as it’s easy to get lost.


  • ·       For a truly special experience, stay overnight at the Astronomy Cafe in Faliraki, Rhodes. The night sky offers a different spectacle, with star trails and lunar craters visible through telescopes.
  • ·       Seeking a tranquil setting for a date? Consider a place where the crowds are sparse, perfect for intimate moments. Imagine a private dinner for two, followed by dancing at a local café, capped off with a cozy moment overlooking the sea.
  • ·       Keep in mind that this seaside location can be breezy. Don’t forget to pack some warm attire, like a jacket, a snug sweater, and something to cover your head.
  • ·       Ensure you opt for sturdy footwear when heading out to the park. The right shoes will help you navigate pebbles and rocky paths with ease, preventing any trips or stumbles.