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On the island’s western side lies the expansive urban escape of Akti Miaouli Beach. This spot is a favorite among hotel guests nearby and locals alike. It has also become a hit with tourists who didn’t secure a spot by the Mediterranean shores.

Beach Characteristics

The Aegean Sea’s temperament differs from the Mediterranean’s calm; it’s more turbulent and breezy. This is particularly evident on shores not sheltered by harbors, a trait that defines the atmosphere at Akti Miaouli.

A long stretch of coastline, spanning several kilometers, is dotted with numerous sunbeds and umbrellas, though they often remain more than half unoccupied. Visitors have the option to relax in the central area of the beach or seek solitude towards the north or south, lounging on their own chairs or towels. The beach features a mix of fine sand and pebbles that extend into the shallow waters, making it suitable for families with children. However, there are no dedicated play areas specifically for toddlers on-site.

During the peak season, the waters here, as is typical along the shores of the Aegean Sea, are exceptionally warm. Notably, in the vicinity of Akti Miaouli, the sea stands out with its crystal-clear and transparent nature. Gentle waves in a striking shade of azure almost reach the shoreline, bestowing the area with a distinct Mediterranean charm. A bit further out, the sea’s palette shifts, showcasing a spectrum of deep blues and cobalt hues.

On the beach, you’ll find both shallow and deeper water areas. When visiting with kids, it’s wise to consult with travelers at Akti Miaouli or locals to find the most suitable spot. A promenade stretches along the entire beachfront of Rhodes, making it a popular spot for evening strolls for both young couples and retirees seeking a peaceful getaway.

Beach Amenities

This urban beach offers all the essentials for a relaxing day by the sea. If you’re looking for comfort, sun loungers and umbrellas are at your disposal. When hunger strikes, a variety of cafes are available nearby. Should you desire more options, the Old Town of Rhodes is just a short distance away, boasting an array of quaint taverns catering to diverse palates. A convenience store on the beachfront sells refreshing drinks and ice cream for a quick cool down.

For added convenience, there are shower stalls, changing rooms, and restrooms available for all visitors. Trash bins are also strategically placed every few hundred meters to maintain cleanliness.

Akti Miaouli Beach, renowned for its frequent waves, is a prime spot for water sports enthusiasts in Rhodes. It’s a haven for sailing, windsurfing, and surfing aficionados. Nearby, visitors can rent boats and yachts for sea excursions.


A short 10–15minute journey from Rhodes' capital center leads you to the beach, situated near the ancient city walls. Accommodations like 4 Brothers, Annitsa Apartments, and Mitsis Grand Hotel Beach Hotel are conveniently located close by. A notable monument to the Olympian Diagoras and his sons is just across the road from the beach’s southern end.

From Rhodes Airport, a taxi ride to the beach is just over 12 km and takes about 30 minutes. To reach the beach from the city center, head west towards the coast.


  • There’s a small concrete jetty in the middle section of the beach extending a few meters into the sea. Caution is advised as it can be very slippery.
  • The beach is often windy, so securing your towels or belongings on sun loungers is recommended to prevent them from blowing away. This is why locals sometimes refer to it as «Windy Beach».
  • Ensure a pleasant stroll on pebbly shores by bringing along rubber-soled slippers. For children, don’t forget to pack a hat and sun protection gear.