Agios Pavlos Beach
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Nestled in a heart-shaped cove, St. Paul’s Beach on Rhodes is a hidden gem renowned for its beauty despite its modest size.


Spanning less than 200 meters, this sandy haven, dotted occasionally with pebbles, offers a gentle slope into the sea. The calm waters, shielded by encircling cliffs, are notably warmer than other Rhodes beaches.

Legend tells of St. Paul’s miraculous survival during a tempestuous journey to Jerusalem. In a fervent prayer for divine intervention, the rocks are said to have parted, unveiling the hidden bay where he landed. Subsequently, he brought the word of God to Rhodes.


Saint Paul’s Beach offers a well-appointed shoreline experience. Loungers line the beach in tiers, with rental prices varying by location. Facilities include changing booths, restrooms, showers, and complimentary parking. The cove is home to a grill bar and several fine taverns, while the beach itself is more suited for tranquil leisure without the buzz of water sports. Visitors from nearby Lindos often flock here by boat to admire the bay, leading to crowding during peak season. Encircled by cliffs, the beach’s edge boasts a verdant area with a small, pristine chapel dedicated to Apostle Paul nestled among the trees.

Nearby Attractions

Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts can explore the vibrant underwater ecosystem near the coast, teeming with colorful fish. However, equipment rental is not an option, so visitors need to bring their own gear. Saint Paul’s Beach is a short walk away from Lindos. From there, it’s possible to trek to the famous Lindos Acropolis to experience its ancient heritage and enjoy the panoramic views of St. Paul’s Beach from above. Afterward, visitors can descend to modern Lindos and wander through its charming streets.

The town is bustling with lively taverns, shops, and quaint white houses. A descent leads to the sandy Lindos beach, a hub for watersports and a selection of hotels for an overnight stay.

Tips for Visiting St. Paul’s Bay in Rhodes

To reach St. Paul’s Bay, take a frequent bus from Rhodes city station to Lindos at about €5. It’s walkable from Lindos to the beach, but bring a hat and water, or opt for a quick taxi ride. Alternatively, take a short boat trip from Lindos beach directly to the bay.

From June to September, visitors can enjoy a scenic boat ride from Mandraki Harbor to St. Paul’s Bay, offering a convenient and picturesque route to the beach, with fares ranging from €10 to €15. For those driving, there’s a parking area available, from which the beach is just a short walk away.


  • It’s advisable to arrive early in the morning if you’re planning to use a beach lounger, as free spots for laying down your towel can be scarce.
  • To avoid crowds and fully enjoy St. Paul’s Beach, plan a trip in May, early June, or late September. During peak times, it’s tough to secure a lounge chair due to the influx of beachgoers.
  • The bay is a popular spot for tourist boats to anchor. When swimming, keep an eye out for anchors to avoid any potential injuries.