Agathi Beach
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Tucked between cliffs a leisurely 15-minute stroll from Haraki resort and 38 km from Rhodes city, Agathi Beach is a hidden gem. Off the beaten track, it’s equipped with sun loungers and all amenities for a delightful family getaway.

Beach Highlights

Known as the «Golden Sands» bay by locals and visitors alike, Agathi’s beach near Rhodes is treasured for its ultra-fine, soft, golden-hued sand. It’s a favorite for couples with kids seeking a serene spot with shallow waters, not far from Haraki.

Indeed, the coastal waters here are shallow. This lends to a warmth and clarity seldom seen elsewhere. The seabed, even at a distance from the shore, is visible with its pebbles and marine life clearly on display. Bathed in the generous sun, the sea sparkles with shades of blue and silver. As dusk falls, and one ascends the surrounding cliffs, the waves glisten with hues of caramel and peach, crafting a breathtaking vista.

The shoreline of Agati is notably uniform, adorned with orderly rows of sun loungers and tangerine-colored parasols. Yet, there’s ample space for visitors seeking a seaside picnic or a sunbath on the warm sand. The northern end of the beach, featuring a cozy cave, is particularly suitable for such travelers. Nearby, one can pitch a tent for a rustic picnic or an overnight stay in sleeping bags by a campfire.

The shoreline offers a gentle slope into the water, making it a safe place for children, but it’s crucial to hold their hands when descending the slight incline towards the water’s edge, where you might encounter some small pebbles. The central beach area is free from rocks, creating a perfect spot for families. However, for those interested in snorkeling, the ends of Agati Beach are ideal. It’s important to note that jumping from the cliffs into the sea is strictly prohibited due to the shallow water depth near these extreme points.

The beach transforms into a serene oasis come evening. By 7 PM, the crowds disperse, leaving the coastline echoing with the soothing sounds of the ocean. It’s the perfect time for a romantic date, a laid-back picnic with friends, or a stunning photo-op by the cliffs. Travelers note that even during the day, the beach isn’t overrun with visitors. Agathi’s expansive shores could easily accommodate a hundred souls, yet even at peak season, you’d scarcely find more than 30 to 40 people there. This lack of crowds is precisely what endears the beach to locals and Greeks alike as a tranquil retreat.


The beach offers travelers a decent array of facilities amidst its natural beauty. While not as extensive as those near larger cities, the infrastructure is suitable for the more remote Agati Beach. As previously mentioned, you can rent loungers and umbrellas for €10. A few quaint eateries serve regional European and Greek fare, though don’t expect a vast selection of seafood or gourmet treats due to the beach’s distance from fishing villages and major towns on the Island. The establishments are quite basic, with plastic furniture, providing simple snacks like burgers and sides, along with soft drinks, tea, and juices.

The beach area provides facilities including showers, restrooms, changing cubicles, and trash bins, exclusively for guests who rent sunbeds and umbrellas. Adjacent to the shore, there’s a complimentary car park. Unfortunately, there’s no playground for children, and the only water sport available is snorkeling.


Agathi Beach is situated on the east coast of the Island, a short walk from Haraki village and its namesake resort. To reach this destination from Rhodes city, take the main road towards Lindos. You’ll find the beach nestled between Archangelos and Haraki.

Traveling by car is the preferred method to reach Agathi, as the intense heat makes scooters, bikes, or motorcycles challenging. Keep an eye out for signs as the beach isn’t easily spotted from the main road. If coming from Haraki, wear a hat and comfortable shoes. A dirt path leads north for about a kilometer, a walk that should take less than 15 minutes.


  • Pack your own lunch and beverages to avoid beachside vendors' high prices.
  • Sun protection is a must; water-resistant options are ideal for children who love the sea.
  • Bring snorkeling gear to explore the aquatic life.
  • Visit the 14th-century St. Nicholas Chapel on your route to the shore.